Book / by Mauro Martinez

Mauro C Martinez Artist Book.jpeg

2016 brings with it some really cool new projects. This one in particular is a book i've been passively working on for the past 4 or 5 years. The book is titled, "Thoughts On Painting: A Book About Process" and, as you might have guessed, it's a book about process. The content from this book comes from the notes i've taken throughout my daily efforts in the studio - a scribble here, a semi-coherent sentence there. I never made a conscious effort to write about anything in particular, it all depended on what was happening in the studio that day. And I think this is what makes the book so potent. Nothing about it is contrived. It is an honest examination of an artist's daily triumphs, struggles, and everything in between. While the writings are focused on my particular practice, they reveal universal insights about what it means to paint and be a painter. 

The next step in making this book happen (after finishing it of course), is launching a Kickstarter in 2016. I'm compiling a mailing list of people who have shown interest in backing this project (however large or small...everything helps!), and if you'd like to be added to that list please let me know here

I've included several mockups of the layout, but the cover is still tentative. To stay informed on the latest developments, follow me on Instagram. Thanks everyone, and much love to all of you.

Mauro C Martinez Book.jpg
Mauro C Martinez Book.jpg