Mauro C. Martinez Charvin Oil Paint

Charvin Oil Paint

The studio of Mauro C. Martinez is proud to announce its partnership with France based company, Charvin Oil Paint.

With a rich history dating back to the French Impressionists, Charvin prides itself on upholding that history by producing a superior product, boasting an extensive line of brilliant, highly pigmented colors. 

All works starting from 2015 have been made exclusively with Charvin.

Will wisner

Will Wisner contributes commentary on this site from a background steeped in visual art, art history and cultural commentary shaped by recent critics as various as Harold Bloom, George Steiner and Camille Paglia. 

Wisner's book Whither the Postmodern Library? (McFarland, 2000),  proved a prophetic warning about the danger of a society tilting increasingly  toward dehumanization and an increasingly un-considered lifestyle. He has also published features on art and art history in New Observations, The Cresset and the fashion magazine ELLE, and was an art book reviewer as a graduate student for the Kansas City Star. Wisner has been a keynote speaker about literature at Mount Allison University in Canada and at the University of Nebraska in Lincoln, as well giving interviews on New Hampshire Public Radio and Nebraska Public Radio. His other citations include essays for Sewanee Review, Audubon magazine, Conde Nast Traveler and Christian Science Monitor.

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